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June 28, 2012

Mandy asks…

1st Birthday Party in Queens?? Locations?

I am trying to plan my son’s 1st birthday party and have no idea where to have it. Our home is too small to accommodate, so I need a venue but can’t seem to find one. A friend of ours had her daughter’s 1st in a church basement 4 months ago, so we don’t want to do the same thing. The only party hall I found was in Woodhaven and they were booked the weekend I needed. Any suggestions from anyone in the area? I am looking for a place in Woodhaven, Forest Hills, Howard Beach, Maspeth, or Astoria.

Administrator answers:


Laura asks…

Place called ‘Crazy Donkey in Farmingdale, NY?

ARe people younger than 21 allowed in Crazy Donkey?? How far is it from Richmond Hill/Woodhaven in Queens??

Administrator answers:

Nope. You have to be 21 and over to enter Crazy Donkey in Farmingdale…which would be about a 30 minute drive from where you are.

It is a pretty good dance club. Radio station Party 105 usually has events happening in there. When you do turn of age and the club is still there, you’ll enjoy it

Chris asks…

I’d like to know a list of the best car services in these NY neighborhoods!?

I always have a hard time finding a good car services in Brooklyn & Queens.

Was hoping you guys could tell me which were best in these neighborhoods! (No more gypsy cabs, please!!!)


Any advice would be such great help! Thanks!

Administrator answers:

I work in Dyker Heights, which is right next to Bensonhurst. By FAR, the best and cheapest car service is Mariachi (718) 236-7777

Stay away from MARINE…they are way over priced!

James asks…

where can i get violent lips (lip tatoos) in nyc? near queens plz?

i live in woodhaven so if its anywere near queens tht would be awsome thx

Administrator answers:

Im from Canada but i know someone form there she said ulta in rego park sells them, in the new mall that opened up there.

Joseph asks…

Open question to Home Depot employees only.?

I just went for a succesful interview at Home Depot( Woodhaven Blvd,Queens NY Branch),and after the interview i have mixed feelings.I was hoping to get a full time on-going job,but i was told i am been hired on a seasonal basis(Overnight Merchandising) and to my outmost surprise,the interviewer said the starting wage was $9.00 an hour though i may be working night shift.There is this other big supermarket(shoprite) in my vicinity that want to hire me( NOT SEASONAL) to be part of their overnight stocking team.Now my question is,is there a probability that after working this summer in HD,i may be granted a future full time job in Home Depot? 2.How likely does HD employ their seasonal workers(summer workers) into the company after their time is up. 3.Should i go in for the unconditional job in Shoprite($8.75) and let the seasonal job in HD go? 4.Do you guys think its fair to pay $9.00/hr to a night shift worker,especially in an expensive-living state like NY? 5.Does HD have shift differential wages for night workers,and how much is it in your store? 6.If i go in for this seasonal job in HD,how can i land a future job(everlasting) in his store after my term has ended? 7.How many of you guys started as seasonal workers and latter gained full time workers after the season?Help,i need guidance.

Administrator answers:

I used to work at Lowe’s which is very similar to Home Depot and everyone that worked the night shift were full time and they were paid generally at least $10 dollars an hour and this was a store in NY state. However Home Depot may pay their employees differently.

Carol asks…

Small high schools.?

Where can I find small High schools in Queens NY in Woodhaven and is close to 95 th street? And I want that High school to give out good education. I don’t want to go back to Grover Cleveland. Is it possible to stay at home while looking for a new school?

Administrator answers:

Get a copy of the High School Directory from your guidance counselor. You can’t really transfer unless you move away. The other options are taking tests for the Specialized High Schools and maybe auditioning for some talent schools. You could always consider private schools but that costs a lot of money.You could maybe use someone else’s address and make believe you live there(a relative, perhaps).

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