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Your Questions About Woodhaven Queens

July 29, 2012

James asks…

any of you ever eaten at…?

carlos’ pizzeria in queens? its on jamaica ave. and woodhaven blvd.

isnt it the best!?

Administrator answers:

I love it!

But if you really want unforgettable pizza. Try Famous on 45th (or so and Broadway- a few blocks from the Elmhurst Hospital in a shopping center across from Walgreens.
It is the best!

Mark asks…

Have off duty cops gone to far and it’s just one case ,WHAT ?

Off-Duty Police Officer Charged With Killing Girlfriend

May 11, 2007

An off-duty NYPD officer was charged Friday with second degree murder in the shooting death of his girlfriend in Queens.

Investigators say the couple was arguing on the sidewalk near Atlantic Avenue and 82nd Street in Woodhaven Thursday night.

They say 37-year-old officer Harry Rupnarine was upset with his girlfriend – 22-year-old Guiatree Hardat – because Hardat wanted to break up with him. Police say he then pulled out his department issued gun and shot her.

“We believe that at the time of the shooting [the victim] was on the phone with her father, saying that she wanted her father to come and pick her up,” said Police Commissioner Ray Kelly.

“She called me to pick her up because apparently she has a very strong argument with her boyfriend,” said the victim’s father, Sukhdeo Hardat. “She later told me, ‘okay don’t worry,’ she was going to take the bus. I didn’t see her come on the bus so I went on Atlantic [Avenue] and that’s where they found her … I found her dead.”

When police arrived, they say Rupnarine claimed he was the victim of a robbery and had accidentally shot Hardat while defending himself, but officers didn’t believe his story and arrested him.

“The individual who did the shooting was pointed out by a witness,” said Kelly. “The responding police officer grabbed this individual and disarmed in. It turned out to be an off-duty police officer.”

People who live in the neighborhood and knew Harry Rupnarine say they are shocked.

“Never, never! That’s why I’m like ‘who? Harry?’ He’s very polite, very pleasurable individual,” said one neighbor. “I’m telling you, I cannot believe it.”

“It’s something that you would never imagine, especially in a neighborhood like this,” said another. “There are a lot of children outside. There’s a school right there. You know it’s just things that happen and you don’t believe it.”

“It’s scary, you know, because now I walk with the baby that I take care of. And also I used to be scared of cops and now I’m more terrified of cops,” said a third local resident.

Rupnarine works as a transit officer. He has been on the force since 2005.

The victim’s father said that during the two years Rupnarine had been dating his daughter the couple had their ups and downs.

“He is very domineering,” said Hardat. “He always wanted his way. And sometimes she cannot agree with him.”

Police say there’s no record of any domestic complaints about Rupnarine. Authorities said this was the first time he’s fired his service gun in his two years on the job, except on the range.

He was ordered held without bail and to be placed in protective custody. If convicted, Rupnarine faces 25 years to life in prison.

His next court date is May 29th.

Administrator answers:


(I only answered to see how many thumbs down the cops will give me)
I’m sorry to all l readers. Officer wee wee has a small wee wee and is trying to compensate but whoever he got to write for him obviously left him alone tonight and now he only has one line for me so he had to copy and paste it to all the questions I answered. Once again I am apologizing for a cops inadequacies

Sandra asks…

Is $570 for a 2 bedroom co-op in Woodhaven (Queens), NY too much?

$570 meaning for maintenance only (not including mortgage)

Administrator answers:

That’s pretty good for the area…and a 2 bedroom apartment!
Remember the bigger the space the more you pay in maintenance.

I just sold my apartment in Elmhurst Queens (near Target) and my maintenance was a little over $400 for a small one bedroom apartment (650 sq. Ft)….on top of that I paid $50 maintenance for my parking spot.

So I think its pretty good.

GOod Luck!

Ruth asks…

Open question to Home Depot employees only.?

I just went for a succesful interview at Home Depot( Woodhaven Blvd,Queens NY Branch),and after the interview i have mixed feelings.I was hoping to get a full time on-going job,but i was told i am been hired on a seasonal basis(Overnight Merchandising) and to my outmost surprise,the interviewer said the starting wage was $9.00 an hour though i may be working night shift.There is this other big supermarket(shoprite) in my vicinity that want to hire me( NOT SEASONAL) to be part of their overnight stocking team.Now my question is,is there a probability that after working this summer in HD,i may be granted a future full time job in Home Depot? 2.How likely does HD employ their seasonal workers(summer workers) into the company after their time is up. 3.Should i go in for the unconditional job in Shoprite($8.75) and let the seasonal job in HD go? 4.Do you guys think its fair to pay $9.00/hr to a night shift worker,especially in an expensive-living state like NY? 5.Does HD have shift differential wages for night workers,and how much is it in your store? 6.If i go in for this seasonal job in HD,how can i land a future job(everlasting) in his store after my term has ended? 7.How many of you guys started as seasonal workers and latter gained full time workers after the season?Help,i need guidance.

Administrator answers:

I think you need to go back to HD and ask those questions to the manager and tell him you are intreasted in full time job. If this won’t turn into full time then go to the other job. Now you question about $9.00/hr being fair, the answer is yes it is fair. If you don’t think its fair then dont take the job. I’m sure they will find someone else who can do the job for $9.00 and is thankful he has a job. If you can’t afford to live in NY then move to a lower cost of living state or get an education so you can be more competative and demand higher pay.

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