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Your Questions About Woodhaven Queens Mall

August 23, 2012

Michael asks…

directions,NY only??

i want to know how to get to 42nd street manhattan from woodhaven boulevard, Queens (the queens center mall).

Administrator answers:

What is with the previous post? Two hours to go from Woodhaven Boulevard to Time Square? Are these instructions for how to walk to Times Square? According to HopStop, if you take the R train from Woodhaven Boulevard to Times Square, it should take about 41 minutes.

Sandra asks…

New York City Subway Questions?

I’m visiting NYC in May and I’ve been searching up some malls to shop at. The two I had in mind were the Queens Center on Woodhaven Blvd, and the Jersey Garden Mall in New Jersey. I’ll be staying at the New York Palace Hotel on 455 Madison Avenue.
First off, how much would it be to cab to either of these places? We would be leaving as early as possible in the morning. Assuming the cab fare would be outrageous, how would I go about catching a train to both these places from my hotel? Would I go out of Penn Station or Grand Central? Any help with lots of detail would be so much appreciated!
The reason for wanting to find a suburban mall or travelling to Jersey to to save some money. Everything in Manhattan is probably extremely overpriced.

Administrator answers:

John L’s answer is slighty wrong. Woodhaven Blvd is a local stop and the E train is an express train (except during late night/overnight hours).

From the hotel walk up Madison Avenue to 53rd St and make a left onto 53rd St. You should see an entrance to the subway (5th Av/53rd St station). Take a Queens-bound E train to Roosevelt Avenue, then transfer across the platform to a M or R local to Woodhaven Blvd. At Woodhaven use any staircase from the middle to the back end of the platform. Go up to the mezzanine, exit thru the turnstiles and go to the right. EXit to the street and walk about 1/2 block to the mall. {Note – if the M train pulls in at the 5th Av station you can take that to Woodhaven Blvd].

In regard to suburban Malls – between the bus fare to and from one of them I am not sure that you are going to really save that much money (expect NJ doesn’t have a sales tax on clothing and NY does) to make it worth while. A cab would cost well over $30 each way. Train service is not available to suburban malls

I recommend the Century 21 department store in lower Manhattan (across from the WTC site) . They have top name brands and discount from 25% to 45% (and much more) depending on the item (clothing, jewelry, housewares, luggage, giftware, watches). Take a Downtown E from the 5th Av/53rd St station to the last stop (World Trade Center). At the WTC station exit thru the turnstiles and use the stairs on the left to get to the street, walk past the MIllenium Hilton Hotel on Church Av. Century 21 is on the next block.

Before I forget – the entire area around 34th St (6th Av & 7th Av) is a major shopping area (Macy’s, J.C. Penney and others) – you never know they may be having sales on the days are are in town.

You night want to try the Newport Center Mall in Jersey City. The one way trip costs $1.75 on PATH. The trip takes about 20 minutes or so.
– from your hotel – walk to 53rd St/Madison (as in above) enter the subway BUT take a Downtown M [weekdays only] (to 34th St/6th Av). [If you are doing this on the weekend when the M does not operate in Manhattan, then take a downtown E train to 7th Av, go across the platform for the D train (going in the opposite direction) to 34th St/6th Av]

At 34th St use the staircase at the front of the platform, exit thru the turnstiles and them make a right. Take the next staircase down to the PATH system. Purchase a round trip PATH card (Cash only) from one of the smaller vending machines. Insert the card in the turnstile (it will be returned to you). Take a Journal Square bound train (track 1) to the Newport Station. At Newport use the stairs at the back of the platform, walk up the ramp, take any escalator up, exit thru the turnstiles to the street, cross over Washington Blvd and follow the signs to the Mall. (On the return trip take a train marked “33rd St”) If you are traveling on the weekend take the Journal Square via Hoboken train (on track 3) to Newport station.

Have fun while in the NYC.

Robert asks…

need help with mta stuff?

ok me and some friends r heading to queen center mall i kno the g train can take u straight there to woodhaven blv i also think it only stop there at certain times can any1 confirm that also if it doesnt stop at that stop the time we wanna go any1 else can suggest how to get there another way by train

Administrator answers:

When the G train does not run all the way to Woodhaven Blvd then you can still take the G train to the last stop which will be Court Square. You will have to get off the G train there since that will be the last stop.

You will then have to walk through a connecting tunnel to get to the 21st-Ely Ave subway station. (this is a free transfer) Then you will connect to the V train which is local and will take you to Woodhaven Blvd. You can also take the E train to Roosevelt Ave-Jackson Heights station and walk across the platform and catch the R train which will take you three stops to Woodhaven Blvd Subway station where the Queens Center Mall is located.


The above link is to the subway map.


The link above will show you the times that the G train will go directly to Woodhaven Blvd
which is Nights (9pm-5:30am) and (Weekends)

Good luck on your trip to the Queens Center mall

The above link will show you the schedule of the G line.

Also the R train never stops at 21st-Ely ave subway station so if you take the G train when it runs short to Court Square you can only take the E or V train and the V train only runs on the weekdays.

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